A Malware Firehose

Cyber_00011011 · February 23, 2021

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As an aspiring Malware Researcher it is important to have a good source of samples to learn from and analyze. If you’re looking for a modern, clean approch to malware feeds then I suggest perhaps checking out VirusSamples.com. They host over 1 PetaByte of malware samples which are collected from an array of sources, not just user uploads. The samples span a broad collection of traditional Windows binaries, but also Mobile malware, MAC and Linux malware, as well as APT samples, and more.


VirusSamples Feeds

Drinking from the firehose, VirusSamples.com advertises that they collect around 150,000 new samples of malware everyday which they offer up to thier customers via three types of feeds. These feeds will easily apply to different customers with different requirements.

  • Free Samples - Limited Access and Visibility
  • Enterprise Access - “The Firehose”
  • Custom Development and Threat Intelligence

All in all, I’ve so far been impressed by the sites easy naviation. I also very much appriciate thier use of automation and Artifcial Intelligence (AI) to classify and bucket the various types of files.

I hope to work with VirusSamples to promot the safe analysis of malware for researchers and broaden awareness of ways people can protect themselves from malware. Stay tuned for more blogs in the future highlighting samples I’ll analyze from VirusSamples.com.


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